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jContractor Documentation

  • jContractor Crash Course - a very quick jContractor tutorial. Probably the best source of information until the user's manual is done.
  • API documentation - JavaDoc documentation generated from the code. Primarily of interest to developers.
  • Instrumentation example - This series of pages shows the steps that jContractor takes when instrumenting a method. Each step is shown in source code and bytecode.

JaQuaL Documentation

  • JaQuaL manual - this document provides a brief introduction to the library. More information can be found in the JaQuaL API.


  • "jContractor: Introducing Design-by-Contract to Java Using Reflective Bytecode Instrumentation" [PDF - 316 KB] Submitted to Formal Methods in System Design. Revised from RV'02 paper.
  • "jContractor: Bytecode instrumentation techniques for implementing design by contract in Java." [PDF - 304 KB] [PostScript - 356 KB] In Proceedings of Second Workshop on Runtime Verification, RV 02. Copenhagen, Denmark. July 26, 2002. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science: http://www.elsevier.nl/locate/entcs.
  • "jContractor: A Reflective Java Library to Support Design By Contract". [PDF - 112 KB] [MS Word] In Proceedings of Meta-Level Architectures and Reflection, 2nd International Conference, Reflection '99. Saint-Malo, France, July 1999. Lecture Notes in Computer Science #1616, Springer Verlag, July 1999, pp.175-196. Revised from UCSB Tech.Report UCSB TRC-98-32.

    The original jContractor proposal. Many things have changed since this paper was published, so refer to the Crash Course for up-to-date info.

  • Pure Library and Reflection Based Techniques for Extending Object Oriented Languages. [PDF - 1 MB]

    Dr. Karaorman's thesis.